Budget and final account

Budget and final account

Job Responsibilities:

  1. To prepare the business cost before contract signing.

2. Responsible for the pricing and visa work in the process of project implementation.

3. Responsible for project final accounts and audit after project completion.

4. To cooperate with purchasing department to screen suppliers and review purchasing contracts.

Job Requirements:

1. Graduated from engineering cost and related majors.Certificate holder is preferred.

  1. Have comprehensive knowledge of engineering cost theory, master the current engineering cost specifications and operating procedures, be familiar with the market situation of electromechanical HVAC engineering cost and the market price of materials and equipment, have a certain understanding of the market and quota, and have a high level of business, especially the level of pre-settlement audit.
  1. Familiar with project cost control, independently compile and review the cost of installation projects.Familiar with pricing software.
  1. Experience in purification engineering, electromechanical HVAC and intelligent installation and other professional budget and final account positions.

5. Careful and patient in work, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.