Training System

Training system

Tofflon provides all aspects of technical training program for personnel to ensure that field personnel can operate correctly, improve the quality of maintenance and the ability to deal with faults, thereby reducing downtime and improving equipment work efficiency.

Training place

There are two main forms of training: online training and on-site training. The training content includes functional structure principles, process procedures, commissioning, maintenance and other courses. We can provide a variety of training methods such as online, on-site, full-time and other tailor training programs according to the skills and specific requirements of on-site personnel.

Training resource

1. Various training methods: clients can choose flexibly according to their own circumstances.

2. Multi-level training materials: we can provide different training programs according to the specific needs of clients.

3. A faculty of experienced designers and engineers makes the training effective.

Evaluation and solution

The technical ability of field personnel plays a decisive role in the stable operation and production efficiency of equipment. In order to improve the quality of personnel, we regularly arrange experienced engineers to station on-site, conduct technical assessments on personnel, and formulate solutions according to the evaluation.

Training can help field personnel detect and troubleshoot quickly, minimize downtime and greatly improve work efficiency.