Service Promise

1. According to clients’ requirements, Tofflon Dehui will conduct training in Dehui factory or on party A’s site, without limitation of the time, place and number of people.

2. During the trial, Tofflon Dehui will dispatch major engineers and technicians involved in the construction to stay on site for one month to escort the trial operation.

3. In the process of GMP certification, Tofflon Dehui can dispatch personnel to cooperate with documentation of installation qualification and operation qualification.

4. After the completion of project, Tofflon Dehui will carry out a two-year warranty for the air conditioning units and provide guarantee services.

5. During the two-year warranty, Tofflon Dehui will regularly visit the project, timely know operation and eliminate hidden dangers to avoid accidents.

6. During the two-year warranty, the items installed by Tofflon Dehui are guaranteed free of charge. We will arrange emergency repair personnel to arrive the site within 24 hours upon receiving the request from clients.

7. During the warranty period, our company is willing to provide service for the design rectification that does not involve the construction quality and the rectification that is not within the scope of the original contract.

8. Equipment Maintenance Manual will be provided according to clients’ request.