Technical Director

Technical Director

Job Responsibilities:

1. To overall plan the technical requirements of the target project, deeply understand the technical requirements of the project execution contract, the national specification requirements, the operation requirements of the pharmaceutical factory, etc.

2. To organize the technical team to complete the design optimization, BIM design and material order statistics of the target project construction drawing.

3. To maintain technical communication with clients and lead the technical team to support project implementation team on technical, commissioning and validation requirements.

4. To cooperate to complete the cost management and business control.

5. R&D (Research and Development) and innovation.

Job Requirements:

1. Mechanical and electrical related professional background; more than 3 years of experience in purification schematic design and technical management, with on-site implementation experience.

2. Rich experience in team management, able to control the overall technical work to meet the requirements of progress and quality.

3. Familiar with the design, construction, commissioning and validation specifications of pharmaceutical factories.

4. Good execution, coordination and communication skills, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.