The seventh generation of Tofflon Dehui's AHU was unveiled at the Wuhan Pharmaceutical and Health Exhibition

At the Wuhan Pharmaceutical and Health Exhibition, the upgraded seventh generation Tofflon Dehui's AHU came out as scheduled.


At the Wuhan Pharmaceutical and Health Exhibition, the upgraded seventh generation Tofflon Dehui's AHU came out as scheduled. With the thick appearance, high-end configuration and advanced technical level in the industry, it has attracted many clients’ attention and has been recognized by many leaders in the industry!

Tofflon Dehui provides one-stop solutions for clean equipment and MEP installation of clean engineering, such as design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, all projects are carried out under the unified leadership of the on-site project manager to provide clients with purification factories satisfying the certification the requirements of GMP.


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