Company leaders carried out on-site inspection of Shanghai MAXVAX project

On August 27, Shanghai Tofflon Dehui general manager Wang Lanjie led other company leaders went to the Shanghai MAXVAX project site to inspect and guide.


    On August 27, Shanghai Tofflon Dehui general manager Wang Lanjie, deputy general manager of engineering department Wang Guishan, manager of purchasing department Zhou Zhenghua, technical director Shao Chuanchuan and Xie Shaoping and other company leaders went to the Shanghai MAXVAX project site to inspect and guide.

    Wang Lanjie led the team to inspect the hoisting operation area first, and carefully inquired about safety management, construction progress, quality issues and construction difficulties, focusing on on-site safety facilities, construction operation management and other items.

    On the construction site, Wang Lanjie repeatedly emphasized safety work. Due to complex and wide-ranging work on the construction site, safety precautions must be implemented, and major risk sources must be implemented and checked one by one to eliminate hidden dangers. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the awareness of environmental protection. On-site odors and waste water from cleaning equipment must be properly treated to ensure not to cause harm to the environment.

    After the report of the project engineering department and the safety team, Wang Lanjie communicated with the relevant management personnel on the on-site inspection. She affirmed the achievements of the project department in the preliminary work, and asked them to make persistent efforts to refine the project management and pay attention to safety, technology and details, so as to speed up the construction progress on the premise of ensuring safe production, and build brands with safety, high-quality and efficient services. Finally, she put forward many opinions and suggestions for the next step of work and improvement of various management systems.


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