Great agreement - Dongfang Meigu and Tofflon reached a strategic cooperation

Dongfang Meigu and Tofflon reached a strategic cooperation.


Recently, the signing ceremony between Dongfang Meigu Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (Short for "Dongfang Meigu") and Tofflon Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Short for "Tofflon") was held in Dongfang Meigu. Zhou Ruyi, Party Secretary and Chairman of Dongfang Meigu, and Tang Huixing, Party secretary and Vice president of Tofflon, had in-depth communication and signed the cooperation agreement.

In the future, Tofflon and Dongfang Meigu will cooperate to strive to create a comprehensive and novel industrial system, following the trend of the booming development of gene-based medicine, biopharmaceuticals and high-end aesthetic medicine industries. We will upgrade the industrial level, complete the industrial chain and introduce new formats. Tofflon will help enterprises in the core area to grow rapidly, become bigger and stronger with the "mother-style service", so as to realize the transformation and upgrading of the beauty and health industry of Dongfang Meigu.


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