Tofflon Dehui's 2022 theme debate competition was successfully held

On August 20, Tofflon Dehui's 2022 theme debate competition was successfully held.


Recently, Tofflon Dehui Company held a theme debate competition to cultivate employees' team awareness and expression ability, enrich their spare time life, and increase the interaction between employees of various departments. The company's general manager Wang Lanjie, financial director Chen Liang, technical directors Shao Chuanchuan and Xie Shaoping attended and served as judges. Some managers and staff representatives watched the event and cheered for the players. The atmosphere of the competition was very lively, and the debate topics were thought-provoking.


Four teams participated in this debate, and debated on two topics, "In the process of project advancement, under the premise of ensuring safety, is schedule more important, or quality?" and "In the process of project advancement, is communication ability more important, or execution ability?” The debate competition consists of four parts: argument, refutation, free debate and conclusion. The players debated closely according to their own positionsand demonstrated a wonderful brainstorm through clear thinking, rigorous logic and ingenious skills. In the end, the "Quality" group and the "Communication" group won the debate.

After the competition, the judges commented on the contestants in terms of debate skills, logical thinking, case arguments, etc. The comments were objective and comprehensive, euphemistic yet sharp. Wang Lanjie also encouraged young employees to look at problems dialectically, to keep making progress and achieve good results in their respective positions.


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