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Negative Pressure Weighing Room

The features of negative pressure weighing room


Purification Air conditioning

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Principle of equipment

  • The downward subsidence low-pressure airflow flows in the weighing operation area, resulting in a clean local environment. The other part of the wind passes through the side outlet to form negative pressure inside the weighing chamber, thus avoiding the dust leakage during weighing.

Features of equipment

  • The air flow in the weighing chamber is self-circulating, and will not affect the air flow and pressure difference in the room.
  • The design conforms to China GMP 2010
  • Modularity makes installation flexible, simple and efficient.
  • The tank is sealed for easy replacement.
  • The fan is controlled by frequency conversion to ensure stable wind speed.
  • The differential pressure gauge monitors the airflow in real time, and the touch screen control panel is intuitive and convenient.