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SS Pass Box

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SS Pass Box

  • Material: stainless steel, surface drawing treatment, smooth shape, large rounded corner transition, easy to clean.

  • The door adopts electromagnetic interlock, which makes the operation simple and reliable, ensures that the two doors cannot be opened at the same time and the environment is not polluted.

  • Indoor UV lamp can sterilize and irradiate items, workpieces and products in the pass box.

  • The ultraviolet lamp can sterilize and irradiate the articles, workpieces and products in the pass box.

  • The time relay can adjust the purification time according to the cleaning requirements and the different items delivered.

  • The indicator light can directly judge whether the fan is working.

  • The equipped shock absorbers reduce vibration and noise.

  • Laminar velocity: 0.36-0.54m/s.

  • The equipped DOP detection port can perform integrity test and differential pressure monitoring.

  • Provide non-standard customization for clients.