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Pure steam


Pharmaceutical Water System

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Pure steam is mainly used for SIP of process equipment and humidification of air conditioners.

Quality requirements for pure steam generators:

The quality of pure steam needs to meet both the quality standard of water for injection and the quality standard of pure steam EN 285.

  • Dryness: not less than 0.95
  • Non-condensable gas: not more than 3.5%
  • Superheat: not more than 25℃

Technical characteristics of pure steam preparation system:

  • The pure steam generator is equipped with an online sampler for online detection of the quality of pure steam.
  • The removal function of non-condensable gas reduces the quality and sterilization effect of pure steam.
  • Considering the convenience of sampling, the pure steam distribution pipe network adopts low-point sampling and operation to avoid the risk of sampling personnel.
  • Pure steam is equipped with a portable offline sampler, which is convenient for sampling and reduces the labor intensity of personnel.