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mRNA COVID-19 vaccine preparation project (EPC GC)


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The case is about the construction of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing workshop.


Process Supplier: Tofflon Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Design Institute: Shanghai Tofflon Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd.

General Contractor: Shanghai Tofflon Dehui Purification Air-Conditioning Installation Co., Ltd.


Scope of Project:

(1) Preparation process equipment, liquid mixing equipment, package checking equipment.

(2) AHU, water system equipment.

(3) Cleanroom system, HVAC system, clean pipeline system, public pipeline system, electrical system, EMS & BMS, cold-storage engineering, non-clean decoration engineering, etc.

(4) Primary design, secondary design, BIM design, effect drawing, animation design.

(5) Commissioning, acceptance of subdivisional work and overall acceptance, GMP validation of process equipment and factory.

(6) Accompanied service and after-sales service.