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Budget Engineer


1. Graduated from engineering cost and related majors.Certificate holder is preferred.

2. Have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering cost theory, master the current engineering cost specifications and operating procedures, be familiar with the market situation of electromechanical hvac engineering cost and the market price of materials and equipment, have a certain understanding of the market and quota, and have a high level of business, especially the level of pre-settlement audit.

3. Familiar with project cost control, independently compile and review the cost of installation projects.Familiar with pricing software;

4. Have working experience in purification engineering, electromechanical hvac, intelligent installation, and other professional budget positions.

5. Careful and patient in work, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.


Process Piping Designer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for piping system design and calculation;

2. Responsible for the pipeline design of medical clean room;

3. Responsible for drawing design and review of secondary projects;

5. Responsible for work volume statistics of pipeline specialty;


1. At least 3 years of experience in hvac/clean/chemical process pipeline design, familiar with the requirements of pharmaceutical process layout design, and have certain on-site construction experience;

2. Good communication and coordination skills, able to accept irregular business trips.


Designer of HVAC System

Job responsibilities:

1. Carry out preliminary business negotiation with customers and design purification hvac scheme.

2. Design scheme of hvac purification project and secondary deepening design of construction drawings.

3. Calculation of purification engineering quantity, budget quotation, etc.

4. Assisted the project manager with on-site construction management and technical guidance.

5. Material change accounting, construction plan preparation and technical disclosure.


1, HVAC related professional background, more than 1 year in the purification hvac scheme design, have some construction experience.

2. Be able to complete the statistics of project quantity and materials independently.

4. Familiar with construction specifications of hvac purification, proficient in CAD and 3d design software.

5. Good executive ability, coordination and communication skills, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

Electrical Design Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the project's lighting socket, power distribution system scheme, and technical support for sales;

2. Responsible for the design of the secondary optimization scheme of the project, and complete the confirmation of the secondary scheme by party a together with the project management department;

3. Responsible for issuing construction materials purchase application form for construction projects;

4. Technical support during project construction;

5. Responsible for the preparation and review of project as-built drawings and the improvement of complete sets of drawings;

6. Complete the tasks assigned by leaders in charge.


1. More than 2 years working experience in the same position;

2. Electrical engineering, automation, full-time college degree or above;

3. Proficient in CAD drawing software, PLC, EPLAN and other professional software;

4. Pharmaceutical purification engineering experience is preferred.

Project Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the whole process management of purification project, and control the project quality, progress and safety.

2. Understand construction standards and technical specifications of purification engineering to ensure project quality.

3. Responsible for the preparation of construction organization scheme, supervising the work of project construction personnel, coordinating and managing, and effectively solving various problems encountered in the construction process.


1. 3 years or above experience in purification engineering or hvac engineering construction management;

2. Professional theoretical knowledge of project construction management, strong practical experience in project construction management, contract management, project cost management and staff management;

3. Understand engineering project management policies and national GMP standards;

4. Rich experience in electromechanical construction and construction site management;

5. Hard-working, excellent communication and coordination skills, and adaptable to long-term business trips.



Construction Worker

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the project manager to manage the construction site;

2. Digested construction drawings, assisted in the preparation of construction plans and project progress plans, etc.;

3. Supervise and urge construction materials and equipment to enter the site on time and in a qualified state to ensure the smooth progress of the project;

4. Participate in the archiving of engineering technology and the sorting and archiving of various technical data;

5. Participate in the inspection of the completion and acceptance of the project;

9. Coordinate and communicate with all parties.


1. Three years' experience in mechanical and electrical installation and construction, and long-term overseas work;

2. Familiar with hvac/electromechanical project construction process specifications, quality acceptance standards and engineering operation rules, familiar with construction guidance and technical disclosure.

3. Good communication and coordination skills, team spirit, sense of responsibility, no bad habits.

4. Construction worker certificate, good knowledge of CAD drawing.



Project Assistant

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the project manager to sort out the materials related to the change of visa during the construction;

2. Collect and sort out all kinds of data generated in the construction process;

3. Responsible for the archiving and handover of construction technical data, and the management of construction technical data;

4. Assisted the project manager in on-site management of the project.


1. Responsible, self-motivated, hard-working;

2. Long-term on-site work;

3. Familiar with OFFICE software, basic knowledge of CAD, able to understand drawings, have a certain understanding of data files and construction materials;

4. Be well organized and have strong coordination ability.

5. Related experience is preferred.


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