After-sale service

After-sale service

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Any installation project undertaken by Tofflon Dehui belongs to our after-sales service scope regardless of the size of the project:

1. According to different requirements of cleanliness, carry out regular maintenance and warranty for clean and dust-free room, and conduct regular testing for clean room;

2. Regular maintenance of clean indoor purification equipment;

3. Installation and debugging service: the verification engineer with many years of relevant experience is responsible for the installation and debugging of the equipment to the qualified acceptance, and the equipment enters the production state.

4. Regular and routine service inspection to ensure long-term stable and smooth operation of equipment;

5. In order to cooperate with the customer in production, you can immediately contact our service engineer in case of any emergency of your equipment at any time (including holidays), and we guarantee that within 24 hours after receiving the customer maintenance report (within the province);Within 48 hours (outside the province), full-time service engineers arrive at the site (except for force majeure reasons, such as wars, earthquakes, floods and other traffic disruptions).

6. Sufficient parts inventory.

7. The company's engineering department (after-sales service department) is a professional department responsible for the installation, debugging, maintenance and repair of products. All the service engineers in the department have the professional title of engineer or above and have received professional technical training for a long time.


Whether you are equipment maintenance, overhaul, equipment verification, spare parts demand or other after-sales questions, you only need a phone, a fax or an email, will immediately present a full range of professional services for you!"Think what customers think, worry what customers worry" is the goal and motivation that we have been pursuing assiduously.Whether in the past, now or in the future, will continue to adhere to the past, for all customers at home and abroad to provide "faster, better, updated" professional services and make unremitting efforts!


Adhere to the spirit of "Customer First", continue to provide timely and thoughtful after-sales service for global customers!


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