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Company culture

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Our company always takes talent strategy as the primary strategy of development in the principle of “People-oriented, Common Growth with Enterprise” and the tenet of “Encourage the staff to innovate and make breakthroughs boldly”. We actively enhance the strength of talent introduction while laying emphasis on talent accomplishment. The enterprise returns the staff with attractive growth opportunities and development space while the staff strives to work and promote the enterprise to grow up rapidly. We encourage personal activity and creativity, are bold to endow potential staff to take challenging responsibilities, and help the staff to make self-enhancement through all-around training and perfect achievement management system, thus meeting the requirements of positions ASAP. Our company implements comprehensively quality management and quality control measures in the construction process, cultivates and establishes a professional technology-based quality management team grasping quality, technologies, management and operation, constantly improves the system design of purification engineering under intelligent control to constantly upgrade the project quality, and is intensively devoted to the purification engineering contracting of new construction or reconstruction projects. We sincerely act on international convention under the purification production conditions of pharmaceuticals, biology, foods, electronics and other industries, and strive to catch up with the world advanced level!

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