Training System

Training System

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Training System

Tofflon Dehui provides all aspects of personnel technical training program, through the training to ensure the correct operation of site personnel, improve the quality of maintenance and troubleshooting ability, reduce downtime, improve equipment efficiency.

Training Site

Online training and on-site training. Our training includes several training courses such as functional structure principle, process procedure, commissioning and maintenance, etc., as well as various training methods such as network improvement, on-site training and off-duty training. We can tailor training programs according to the needs, skills and specific requirements of on-site employees.

Training Resources

Diversified training methods, customers can be flexible choice according to their own situation.

Multi-level rich training materials, according to the actual needs of customers according to their aptitude.

Experienced designers, engineers combination of teachers, casting high - quality training results.

Evaluation and Solution

The technical ability of field personnel plays a decisive role in the stability of equipment operation and production efficiency. Based on the goal of helping customers to improve the technical ability of personnel, experienced engineers are regularly arranged on site to assess the technical ability of personnel and formulate solutions (training) according to the evaluation.

Through training, personnel can quickly detect and troubleshoot faults, minimize downtime and greatly improve work efficiency.

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